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Have you seen the ISCC Welcome sign on Langston Boulevard? Additions are always welcome. For more information on having your organization’s emblem on this sign, come to any ISCC meeting!

What are Service Clubs?
Service clubs are voluntary organizations through which individuals help meet the needs of our Arlington community. These clubs raise funds for and work on projects in our community. Service clubs and organizations focus on all segments of our society from youth to the handicapped to the elderly to the truly needy. Many clubs focus on specific areas of need while others contribute to a wide-range of programs.

What do Service Clubs Do?
The member organizations of the ISCC help our Arlington community through granting scholarships, providing s shelter and health care for the needy, sponsoring youth programs, addressing problems of hunger and illiteracy, helping the visually and hearing impaired, helping to preserve the environment, sponsoring programs for the mentally retarded and handicapped, organizing drug and alcohol education programs, preserving the history of Arlington, and many other programs. Many of the ISCC member clubs focus much of their efforts on youth, the most important and most vulnerable segment of our society. Through the sponsorship of academic, sport, and social programs, clubs provide our young people with educational opportunities, leadership training, and guidance through the challenging years of growing up in our society.

What do Service Clubs Contribute?
Service clubs contribute leadership, expertise, time and money.
Service clubs have taken the lead in helping address the unmet needs of our Arlington community; needs that often fall through the cracks of government sponsored programs. The members of service clubs are generally professionals with expertise in all fields of endeavors. Many members are already retired and contribute their life-long experiences. This is an invaluable resource. The thousands of members of the ISCC service clubs contribute their time to both working on and raising funds for projects in our community. It is estimated that the ISCC member clubs contribute over 100,000 man-hours of volunteer time each year. Service clubs raise funds in the private sector for their programs and for contributions to other needs of Arlington. It is estimated that the ISCC member clubs contribute close to a million dollars a year to Arlington programs. In a proclamation, the Arlington County Board acknowledged that “the services performed by the ISCC member organizations enrich the county with benefits which otherwise would cost thousands of tax dollars.”

Past Presidents

YearName (Organization)
2021-PresentSandy Bushue (Optimist Club of Arlington)
2019-2020Brig Pari (SMASH) | Joseph Lott (Arlington Rotary)
2017-2018Edd Nolan (Kiwanis)
2015-2016Joseph Lott (Arlington Rotary)
2012-2014Elizabeth Schindler (Host Lions)
2011-2012Kim Durand (Arlington Rotary)
2009-2010Karen Albert (Zonta)
2008John Hilton (Kiwanis)
2007John Karinshak (Host Lions/Optimist Club of Arlington)
2006John Hilton (Kiwanis/Optimist)
2005Larry Hynson (Sunrise Lions)
2004Ilse Williams (Soroptimist)
2003Eugene Iwanciw (Optimist Club of Arlington)
2002Thomas Smolinski (Kiwanis-South Arlington)
2001Richard R. Rhoads (Better Sports Club)
2000Barbara E. Nicastro (Optimist Club of Arlilngton)
1999Joe Turney (Civitan)
1998Paul Showalter (Arlington Jaycees)
1997Andy Barr (Optimist Club of Arlington)
1996Walt Gallagher (Better Sports Club)
1995Amanda Yauger (Pilot)
1994John T. Halliday (Host Lions)
1993John Watson (Lions-South Arlington)
1992John Krug (Civitan)
1991Thomas Cooper, Jr (Knights Round Table)
1990Warren J. Harrison (Lions-Northwest)
1989Kathryn R. Golden (BPW)
1988Fred H. Felton (Kiwanis-S. Arlington)
1987Pauline A. Ellison (Links)
1986John Sadder (Knights Round Table)
1985Marion W. Malone (Pilot)
1984Margaret M. Kilduff (Altrusa)
1983Carol A. Grant (Links)
1982Lewis Watson (Knights of the Round Table)
1981Archie D. Simpson Jr (Lions Northwest)
1980Dr. Pheobe H. Knipling (Quota)
1979John J. Buckley (Jaycees)
1978Angelo J. landolo (Lions-Rosslyn)
1977Helen F. Tyson (Altrusa)
1976James L. Hemingway (Rotary)
1975Martha Schuchart-Sachs (Zonta)
1974George R. Walz (Rotary)
1973J.Lawrence Manning (Kiwanis)
1972Preston E. Sewell (Civitan)
1971Joan E. Wikstrom (Quota)
1970John P. Ellis (Jaycees)
1969John T. Halliday (Host Lions)
1968Thomas A. Kamstra (Exchange)
1967Mildred Waters (Pilot)
1966Ken McFarlane Smith (Kiwanis)
1965Henry R. May (Civitan)
1964WaIter Woodside (Optimist)
1963J. Ray Edwards (Lions-Northwest)
1962C. Wynne Tolbert (Potomac Kiwanis)
1961James R. Mims, Jr. (Rotary)
1960Robert E. Skinner (Host Lions)
1959Franklin I. Chace (Kiwanis)
1958Lou Maser (Knights of the Round Table)
1957James R. Lupton, Jr. (Rotary)
1956Helen K. Finley (Quota)
1955r. Alfred Churchill (Rotary)
1954Walter W.Woodal (Host Lions)
1953J. Wooten Pearce (Kiwanis)
1952Ray Baker (Host Lions)
1951Bill Jefferay (Rotary)
1950Richard Palmatier (Kiwanis)
1949Lester V Johnson (Host Lions)
1948Alvin I. Coppage (Optimist Club of Arlington)
1946-1947J. Fred Able (Civitan)
1945Frank H. Eastman (Rotary)
1944Lena M. Wolfe (Soroptimist)
1943Anna Hedrick (BPW)
1942Charles R. Fenwick (Rotary)
1940-1942George P. Grove (Host Lions)